Scheduling a Service

Each command, garrison or installation responsible for resourcing, managing, and scheduling interments at Army cemeteries has a different process by which they follow. There are many factors that must be considered in order to determine first, if the decedent is eligible for burial and second, if the cemetery can support such a request. The actual scheduling of a service is also influenced by the availability of resources, the time of year, and weather conditions. To make the scheduling process a bit easier, answer the questions below before contacting the cemetery.

    • Which Army cemetery am I interested in?
    • Can the cemetery support my request, that is, is the cemetery is open to new or subsequent interments?
    • Have I gathered the required documentation regarding the decedent's military service? See "What documents will I need" under FAQ's.
    • What type of committal service is possible, ex., personal clergy, graveside or committal shelter service, etc., and when should the service occur?
    • Contact the Cemetery Responsible Official or Point of Contact listed on the cemetery's webpage.