Military Personnel In-Processing

The Office of Army Cemeteries (OAC) works in concert with Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), Fort Belvoir and Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall for all elements associated with in-processing.

New arrivals will sign in with the HR NCO who is located in the lower level of the Arlington Cemetery Welcome Center at 1 Memorial Avenue, Arlington, Virginia 22211. Sign in is between the hours of 0900-1600 hrs M-F.  New arrivals must be in duty uniform. Please call ahead.

*Note: Please review Arlington Cemetery access control requirements before attempting to visit ANMC offices.

In-Processing For Military Members

After you sign in, the ANC S1/HR Director will contact an OAC representative, most likely your sponsor, and schedule your pickup. Your sponsor will escort you to the HR office at the address below. At minimum new arrivals should have in their possession:

  • 5 copies of your orders
  • Common Access Card
  • Copy of last OER/NCOER (if applicable)
  • DA 31
  • Incentive Pay documents (if applicable)
  • Reenlistment paperwork (if applicable)
  • Last APFT card
  • Last Weapons card (if applicable)
  • Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Certificate (NMT 3 months old)
  • Travel Documents


New arrivals will visit the following locations during in processing. Full in-processing details and checklists will be given at the HR office before visiting each location: 

Office of Army Cemeteries
ANC Modular Office Complex
1 Memorial Ave.
Arlington, VA 22211  
Joint Personnel Property Office
9325 Gunston Rd.
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
Fort Meyer Housing Office (Non-Availability Stamp)
101 Bloxon St. (Bldg 205 Room 139)
Fort Myer, VA 22211 

New arrivals will also attend a full encompassing Finance and Information Management Branch brief on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall located at Bldg. 230, Forrest Circle, JB Meyer-Henderson Hall. This is mandatory for all newly assigned military members in the grade of O-6 and below.

Dental and Medical

New arrivals will have multiple options as where they wish to receive their medical and dental care. These are listed below. Finding the right treatment center will all be based on work location, domicile and personal preference. Family member care may differ as well.



Fort Belvoir
Community Hospital
Click Here to Go to their Web Site.

DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic
Click Here to Go to their Web Site.


Joint Base Myer-Henderson
Andrew Rader Health Clinic
Click Here to Go to their Web Site.


Fort Belvoir
Logan Dental Clinic
Click Here to Go to their Web Site.

Pentagon Dental Clinic
Click Here to Go to their Web Site.



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