Cemetery Overview
The Post Cemetery at Fort Sill was established in 1869, and was the only established cemetery in southwestern Oklahoma until the 1880's.  Soldiers, Native Americans and civilians have been laid to rest in the Post Cemetery.  This includes "Chiefs Knoll," where prominent Indian chiefs are buried. To the Indians of the southern plains, it is considered the "Indian Arlington." The first Native American buried there was the Kiowa leader Satank, who was interred in 1871. Many of those buried were signers of the 1867 Medicine Lodge Treaty. In recognition of the historic significance of Chiefs Knoll, this section of the Post Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1978. Launch Army Cemeteries Explorer for Fort Sill Post Cemetery here to locate a gravesite.


Visit Our Cemetery
Because the Fort Sill cemetery resides on an active U.S. Army installation all non-DoD, non-federally-affiliated visitors without proper government identification should call ahead for information on how to properly obtain gate access to Fort Sill before departing. Visitors can receive assistance at the Fort Sill Visitors Control Center (VCC) located in Bldg. T6701, Sheridan Rd., Lawton, OK 73503 or by calling 580-442- 9603. The VCC website is http://sill-www.army.mil/vcc/ . The VCC is open from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The cemetery has general parking available and is fully wheelchair-accessible.


The cemetery is generally open to the public during daylight hours. There are generally no staff members present.
One Cemetery Responsible Official from the Fort Sill Department of Public Works provides oversight and administrative support for the cemetery. Grounds maintenance for the cemetery is cared for by the Fort Sill DPW. The Army cemetery falls underneath the responsibility of the Fort Sill Garrison Command and U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

First Recorded Interment: 02/11/1869 
Established: 1869 
Location: Macomb Rd, Fort Sill, OK 73505
Burials: 7,140 (U.S. Military Personnel; Native American; Civilians; Foreign POW's and Unknowns) 
Columbarium:  No 
Acres:  9 acres 
Status:  Open to new interments 
Last Interment/Inurnment:  9/28/2016 

The Fort Sill Post Cemetery is located in Lawton Oklahoma, about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. The nearest major airport is Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport (LAW/KLAW). This airport has domestic flights from Lawton, Oklahoma and is 19 miles from the center of Fort Sill. Another major airport is Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (SPS/KSPS), which has domestic flights from Wichita Falls, Texas and is 65 miles from Fort Sill.

Fort Sill
Department of Public Works
Cemetery Responsible Official

1950 Barbour Rd., Fort Sill, OK 73503

Sitting Bear; Kiowas - Native American Leader
Section 4, Grave 1144
Died 6/8/1871

Chief Yellow Bear
Southern Arapaho Native American Chief
Section: 4, Grave 1026E
Died 9/3/1966

Kicking Bird
Native American Warrior
Section 4, Grave 1078B
Interred 5/4/1875

Chief Ten Bears
Southern Arapaho Native American Chief
Section 4, Grave 1137

COL Jack L. Treadwell
U.S. Army; Medal of Honor
Section 12, Grave 8