Cemetery Overview
The Main Post Cemetery at Fort Riley was established in 1853 making it the oldest historic property at Fort Riley with the exception of the Cavalry Parade Field. The cemetery of 1853 is in the location of the present cemetery. Two later areas of expansion to the west increased the size of the cemetery to its current appearance. Earliest graves are located on a knoll on the northeast side, the highest point in the cemetery. Topography played a role in the siting of graves, and is indicative of mid-19th Century cemetery design. Moving from east to west, the cemetery transitions from a free-form layout with elaborate funerary monuments, to a more regimented design with uniformly spaced grave stones of identical design. Walking through the Main Post Cemetery, visitors experience excerpts from the history of Fort Riley as told by those interred there. It truly is a remarkable place to visit, remember and pay honor to those who served. Launch Army Cemeteries Explorer for Fort Riley Post Cemetery here to locate a gravesite.



Visit Our Cemetery
There are map boards at both entrances to the cemetery along with a notebook directory for visitors to easily find those interred. There are generally no staff members present. All non-DoD, non-federally-affiliated visitors without proper government identification should call ahead for information on how to properly obtain gate access to Fort Riley before departing. Visitors can receive assistance from the Visitor Control Center, 219 Custer Ave. (Bldg. 885) which is located just prior to the Henry Gate Access Control Point (Exit 301, U.S. Interstate Highway 70) and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cemetery has very limited general parking available at both entrances. The cemetery is fully wheelchair-accessible.


The cemetery is open to the public from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 6:30 a.m to 3 p.m. on Friday. The cemetery is closed on federal holidays with the exceptions being Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
One Cemetery Responsible Official from the Fort Riley, KS Department of Public Works (DPW) office provides oversight and administrative support for the cemetery. Grounds maintenance for the cemetery is cared for by the DPW Rose and Grounds Shop. The Army cemetery falls underneath the responsibility of the Fort Riley Garrison Command and U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

First Recorded Interment: 8/3/1855 
Established:  1853 
Location:  191 Huebner Rd., Fort Riley, KS 66442 
Burials: 4,669 (U.S. Military Personnel; Civilians; POWs; Unknowns)
Columbarium: No 
Acres:  8.4 acres (6.5 acres inside cemetery wall and 1.9 acres outside border of the wall) 
Status:  Open to new interments 
Last Interment/Inurnment:  8/23/2016 

Fort Riley Post Cemetery is located in North Central Kansas, on the Kansas River. The nearest major airport is Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK/KMHK). This airport has domestic flights from Manhattan, Kansas and is 11 miles from the center of Fort Riley. Another major airport is Salina Municipal Airport (SLN/ KSLN), which has domestic flights from Slaina Kansas and is 50 miles from Fort Riley.

Department of Public Works Office
Cemetery Responsible Official

330 Dickman Ave., Fort Riley, KS

Department of Public Works Office
Rose and Grounds Shop


SGT George Loyd
U.S Army
Medal of Honor
Section F, Grave 19
Died 12/17/1892

SGT James F. Ayers
U.S. Army
Medal of Honor
Section: F, Grave 27
Died 01/18/1895

1ST SGT John E. Clancy
U.S. Medal of Honor
Section I, Grave 5
Died 7/11/1932

Marker: Cholera Epidemic of 1855
A mass unmarked grave is the final resting place for approximately 150 people who succumbed to the epidemic that broke out in July, and continued through mid August of 1855.