Cemetery Overview
Fort Liberty Main Post Cemetery is an Army Post Cemetery that was established during the 1918 influenza pandemic for interments of civilian workers (mostly Puerto Rican) whose remains, for a number of reasons, could not be shipped home. Between world wars, Fort Liberty was an artillery base and the cemetery was mainly used for the burial of dependents. In 1940 Fort Liberty was designated as a Reception Station, and in 1942 became major airborne training site. A number of interments from that period were from training accidents. There are also several German POWs interred (Row 26) who either died accidentally or from disease. After the war, the cemetery took on its main responsibility as a veterans' cemetery for the central North Carolina area. The cemetery was closed to new interments after the nearby Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery in Spring Lake was established in the 1990s. Launch Army Cemeteries Explorer for Fort Liberty Main Post Cemetery here to locate a gravesite.


Visit Our Cemetery
The cemetery is located outside the Randolph Gate entrance of Fort Liberty. Because the cemetery is located outside the grounds of any active U.S. Army installation visitors do not need to call ahead to request gate access to the cemetery before departing. There are generally no staff members present at the cemetery. There is limited paved parking available and the cemetery is fully wheelchair-accessible.


The cemetery is open daily from 8 AM - 5 PM daily, with extended hours on Memorial Day from 8 AM - 7 PM.

One Cemetery Responsible Official from Fort Liberty provides oversight and administrative support for all cemetery operations. Grounds maintenance for the Fort Liberty Main Post Cemetery is cared for by the Fort Liberty Directorate of Public Works Office. The Fort Liberty Main Post Cemetery falls underneath the responsibility of the Fort Liberty Garrison Command and the U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM).


 Established: 1918
 First Interment: est. 10/1/1981
 First Recorded Interment: 8/20/1922
 Location: Watson St., Fort Liberty, NC 28310 
 Burials: 3,267 (U.S. Military Personnel; Civilians; EPWs; Foreign Soldiers; American Indians; Unknowns) 
 Columbarium: No 
 Acres: 4.58 acres 
 Status: Open to subsequent interments only 
 Last Interment/Inurnment: 12/2/2016 

Fort Liberty is located in Cumberland, Hoke, Harnett and Moore counties of the state of North Carolina. The installation is mostly in the city of Fayetteville but also partly resides in the town of Spring Lake. The closest major airport to Fort Liberty is Fayetteville Regional Airport (FAY / KFAY). This airport is 20 miles from the center of Fort Liberty.

Memorial Affairs Coordinator
4-2843 Normandy Dr., Soldier Support Center

Directorate of Public Works
Cemetery Responsible Official

Directorate of Human Resources
4-2843 Normandy Dr., Soldier Support Center


SSG Glenn Harry English, Jr.
Medal of Honor
Section 1, Row 2, Grave 1-288-A
Died 9/7/1970


Martha Raye
American Comic and USO Actress
Section 1, Row 28, Grave 780-B
Died 10/19/1994


MG Ira T. Wyche
WWII era commander
Section 1, Row 7, Grave 217
Died 7/8/1981