Cemetery Overview
The Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery can be found in the city of Sierra Vista, AZ which is part of the beautiful Cochise County. Currently the cemetery is the final resting place of over 4500 of our nations fallen soldiers and their dependents. The Army post, Fort Huachuca, which now oversees the cemetery was originally established in 1877 as Camp Huachuca and was named after the Huachuca Mountains. The camp was later renamed Fort Huachuca in 1882. The 7.3 acre Army post cemetery is fully open to the public and allows for future interments to eligible individuals. The cemetery averages about 50 interments per year.

 One Cemetery Responsible Official from Fort Huachuaca, located in Arizona, provides oversight and administrative support for all cemetery operations. Grounds maintenance for the Fort Huachuaca cemetery is done through a privately contracted company but is overseen by the Fort Huachuaca Directorate of Public Works. The Fort Huachuaca Garrison Command and the U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM) are responsible for the cemetery. Launch Army Cemeteries Explorer for Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery here to locate a gravesite.

Visit Our Cemetery
There are generally no staff members present. The cemetery is located inside the grounds of Fort Huachuaca which requires visitors without military identification to obtain a visitor's pass from the visitor's center at the Van Deman Gate. There is ample general parking available and the cemetery is wheelchair accessible.


The cemetery is open to the public daily during daylight hours.
Original Cemetery Established:  1877 
Moved to present location: 05/18/1883
Location: 100 Cemetery Rd., Sierra Vista, AZ 85613 
Burials:  4,572 (U.S. Military Personnel; Civilians; Unknowns; and Native Americans) 
Columbarium:  No 
Acres:  7.3 acres 

Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery is located in Sierra Vista, part of Cochise County, in Southeast Arizona which is about 15 miles (24 km) north of the Mexican Border. The closest major airport to Fort Huachuca is Tucson International Airport (TUS/ KTUS). This airport is in Tucson, AZ and is 69 miles from the center of Fort Huachuca. 

Directorate of Public Works
Cemetery Responsible Official

3040 Butler Rd., Bldg. 22422

Mortuary Affairs Office
14 Rhea Ave., Bldg 41421

COL Louis A. Carter
Section 4, Grave 22
Ft. Huachuaca, Ft. Douglas, and Nogales Black Chaplain to Troops from 1913-15, 1921-31 and 1935-1940
Died 6/14/1941

Colonel Gilbert Proctor Sr.
Section 1, Grave 136-A
Died 12/9/1972

MG Richard J. Meyer
Section 4, Grave 29-A
First Commander of the U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command
Died 8/23/1999